From the desire to create stories that touch the heart and imagination of the audience, Riccardo and Viviana Di Russo, brother and sister, began their adventure by founding Blooming Pictures, an independent production company based in Rome, in 2005. Driven by the common passion for storytelling through images, they have combined their experiences from previous professional paths.

Viviana has a humanistic education behind her with a degree in Letters at Sapienza University. Curiosity for the world led her to travel, studying Modern Art at the U.C.I. of Los Angeles. She became a professional journalist at a very young age, working for years at a news agency and then dealing with cinema for magazines and on TV for Canale 5.
Story-editor for production companies, she became a screenwriter and director, specializing with the New York Film Academy in 2005.

Riccardo, after graduating in Economics at Sapienza University, began his career with years of strategic management consultancy in a leading multinational company, achieving excellent results. Attracted by the growing desire to become a filmmaker, he specialized in audio-visual production with a European Master.
Alongside his entrepreneurial activity, he has given more and more space to his creativity and artistic vein, gradually becoming an author and director as well.

Due to the common need to grow as individuals both have been following a parallel path of inner research for many years, with various international therapeutic specializations, a constant enrichment that nourishes their ability to tell the story of human beings and today’s world.